Friday, September 25, 2009

Sewer Update

The large white trucks parked near the Park Picnic Shelter for the last couple of days are gone.  Earlier in the week a sewer line broke and released sewage into the Third Fork Creek.  The Durham Water and Sewer Department contracted with an Atlanta firm to repair the pipe and the repairs were completed yesterday.  The pipe being repaired runs south from a point near the Park Picnic Shelter between two concrete man holes.  The existing pipe is made of clay and is brittle.  It was repaired/reinforced by adding a new internal liner.  The process is essentially one of inflating a large long balloon like liner and then adhering it to the walls of the pipe.  According to a Durham Sewer and Water representative, this should give the pipe a 'new life' without breaks for the next ten to fifteen years. Sewer pipe running from Lyon Park south through the west side of the park was repaired/replaced earlier this summer.


Durham Parks and Rec will coordinate with Durham General Services to repair the park area rutted by the heavy vehicles/machinery.  Some work by Durham Water and Sewer also remains to be completed.  Much of this finishing work will not be able to be accomplished until the area dries out.