Friday, October 24, 2008


The Forest Hills Neighborhood Association and neighbors thank you very much for your assistance with our 'Big Sweep' of the Forest Hills Park. Our 'task organized team' of thirty neighbors and sixteen Duke students accomplished much. We filled sixty-eight trash bags with trash collected from the creeks running through Forest Hills Park. We also found and removed three tires/wheels, one large wire spool, a radio and a dead/decaying rat. Some of our 'teams' mulched a large area, our Memorial Flower Garden and others removed kudzu from a particularly over grown area of the park. We were also successful in placing downed tree trunks and limbs on forested slopes in the park to reduce erosion. All in all a very productive day.

Neighbors talking trash. 

Donuts. The breakfast of champions. 

Choose your weapon.

Joe finds half a chair to finish decorating his garage. 

Hard at work! We will leave no coffee unfinished!

Call in the calvary. 

Anybody need a tire?